Pink Ribbon Fighter Wall Clock

Pink Ribbon Fighter Wall Clock

  • $49.99

Pink Ribbon Fighter Wall Clock

Breast Cancer is truly a life changing event that you cannot anticipate or plan for. You have no choice but to just fight the battle and be strong during the journey. So hang this lovely Survivor Pink Ribbon Wall Clock in your home or office as a reminder that you have the power to overcome and win this battle.

The Wall Clock is designed with an Inspiring Fighter Image with Pink Gloves and a Pink Ribbon which symbolizes support to Breast Cancer Awareness.

Remind yourself to remain as a Strong Fighter of Breast Cancer by having this wall clock. You may also give this as a gift to Breast Cancer Fighter to show your love and support.

Our products were made with the purpose of giving back for Breast Cancer Awareness by donating a portion of our sales to Breast Cancer patients and research Organization/Foundation.


  • Wall Clock Unframed Gloss Aluminum Face, includes clockworks with 2 hands
  • Dimension: 11" (Length across the face) x .045" (thickness)

When ordering a Clock from our Decor collection, they will not ship out assembled. We do this to prevent damages during the shipping process.

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